Thank you for visiting this site that aims to provide information pertinent to junior doctors in the NHS.

This website is an amalgamation of knowledge collected from doctors who feel that their experience may be of benefit to junior doctors.

In particular, focus will be on clinical information such as understanding diseases or step-by-step photo guides on procedures or operations. Attention will also be directed towards helpful hints on passing exams from those who have gone through it before you.

Finally this is a knowledge sharing site, so if you feel you would like to make a contribution please contact us so we can get your involvement noticed as soon as possible.

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Recent Updates

1.9.10 - A new article on Communication and Intellectual Disability has been written by Dr Swapnil Palod, ST5 in Psychiatry of Learning Disabilities (St. George’s Higher Training Scheme, London) and Dr Meetiksha Malhotra, ST5 in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (St Mary’s Higher Training Scheme, London).

30.5.09 - A new article on Differential diagnosis for Dyspnoea / Breathlessness / Shortness of Breath has been uploaded.

30.5.09 - A new article on Differential diagnosis for chest pain has been uploaded.

30.5.09 - A new article on clinical notes on septal perforation has been uploaded.

30.5.09 - A new article on the causes of pancreatitis has been uploaded.

30.5.09 - A new article on how the brief guide to appendicitis has been uploaded.

31.3.09 - A new article on how to perform a Cortical Mastoidectomy. Please be aware this article has images of cadaver operations.

6.3.09 - Updates have been made to the research page, the NICE Guidance on Cochlear Implants, Surgical Site Infections, and Sinuplasty. Click here to see this advice.

27.2.09 - I have reintroduced adverts on this site to pay off the hosting fees. I hope you don't find them too intrusive.

25.2.09 - Mr Neela Mouli Doddi has written another article! This time on How to Read Audiograms. The images are quite large and so may take some time to load.

12.2.09 - Finally a new Forums page has been set up! - Check it out Forums.

12.2.09 - Happy birthday to ClinicalJunior! after our first year (approx) online we have had 14,232 visitors to the site. With our numbers growing every day. Thank you for supporting the site!

12.2.09 - Calling all ENT Surgeons! The brand new AOT - Association of Otolaryngologists in Training website has been created! The AOT represents all otolaryngology trainees in the UK. All trainees are automatically members and there is no cost. The purpose of the AOT is to represent trainee viewpoints to the bodies responsible for training in ENT and the provision of ENT services. Check it out by clicking here.

10.1.09 - Happy New Year and Welcome to a new author!! Dr Alok Kumar Rana, MBBS, MRCPsych (UK) Specialty Registrar – Herefordshire PCT NHS Trust has written an article - A Guide to Dementia . We are also dealing with another suubmission from Mr Neela Mouli Doddi who has written an article on Audiology

6.11.08 - A new author!! Dr Piyush Pushkar, FY2 at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals Trust has written an article - A Guide to Anaesthetic Pre-Operative Assessment - i have also therfore created a separate section for anaesthetics

02.11.08 - The forum section has been closed due to abuse of the content. i apologise for any inconvenience this has caused. The forum will be transferred over to a 3rd party to deal with spam.

18.10.08 - Dr Natasha Thandrayen MBBS (Lond), B.Sc (Hons) GPST1 has written an article - Tips on GPST ENTRY 2009. This article would be invaluable to anyone thinking about applying for general practice training in the UK.

26.8.08 - A new ENT author has joined ClinicalJunior! Mr Neela Mouli Doddi MBBS, MS(ENT), MRCS Speciality registrar in ENT - Fairfield General Hospital has written an article on Stridor. This article also has pictures of Shiley and Fuller's tracheostomy tubes. We thank him also for his advice on changing the site.

26.8.08 - New ENT topics have been uploaded - A guide to consenting ENT patients for the common operations that juniors are faced with. An oncall guide to dealing with Stridor patients. goes though the main causes and treatment options

26.8.08 - Clinical Junior has had a facelift !! The design has been updated and the code cleaned up ( it should run faster now? ) i hope you like the new look to the site!! a search engine has been added as well - comments in the forum please

30.6.08 - A new ENT topic has been made - Vertigo - History, Examination, and Treatment

29.6.08 - An update to the epistaxis article has been made - as well as two new small sections - The Oncall Guide to Auricular Haematoma and The Oncall Guide to Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss have been added to the ENT section.

28.6.08 - Another addition to the cardiology section and the examination section has been made - Cardiology Examination written by Vik Veer.

27.6.08 - I will be now accepting research articles, Audits, and Clincal Case History Presentations for publication on the site. I will create a forum for discussion on these articles - this should allow feedback much like the 'comments' sections in medical journals

05.6.08 - A new author!! Dr. Khalid Ahmed MBBS Fy2 at Medway Maritime Hospital, UK Has written Bipolar Affective Disorder in the psychiatry section

13.5.08 - I have been approached by Gordon Ramsay’s F Word - who are looking for junior doctors for their new series. I have placed the ad in the forum as well.

I am currently working on the new series of Gordon Ramsay’s F Word and we are looking for people to take part.
We would like to hear from Junior Doctors , who would like a cooking lesson from Gordon and are interested in learning about delicious exciting healthy food.
If you are interested, please email me with your name, daytime telephone number and a paragraph on why you think you deserve Gordon’s help!
Email: sam.carty@optomen.com
I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Best Regards

13.5.08 - Apologies for the ads - they really didn't work in many cases and so i have removed them and i will tinker with some other way of funding this project.

23.3.08 - A new article on Tuning fork tests has been created due to the numberous calls for this section to be clarified.

22.3.08 - A completely new section of the site has been created!! There is now a Forum / Message board area (see Forum tab above). This may have some initial start up problems - but i hope that you find it useful.

22.3.08 - Another addition to the Psychiatry section - Deliberate Self Harm written by Dr Sayqa Azam (MBBS) Foundation year two in Psychiatry.

21.3.08 - Additions to the Psychiatry section have been made: Diagnosis and Management of Depression written by Dr Satvir Singh Consultant Psychiatrist.

Also Dr Vipul Rastogi, MBBS; DCP (Irelant); MRCPsych (UK) Specialist Registrar, Hampshire Partnership Trust, UK, has made two contributions: Management of Depression and Mood Disorders .

There is a slight back log of documents i need to upload. i apologise for this and i hope to have things completed this weekend.

13.2.08 - A Guide to Passing the MRCS - By Mr Max Whittaker MBBS(lond) MRCS(eng) is now available in the examinations section.

10.2.08 - Cranial Nerves Examination - another addition to the clinical skills and examination section has been made

9.2.08 - Complete Basics of ECG interpretation - this has been added to the cardiology and examination sections - it is a guide for people who can't currently interpret an ECG well and are suddenly faced with an ECG. I'm thinking mainly of house officers / interns / F1s, nurses on the wards, or doctors just starting in A&E.

8.2.08 - I have added the first of several documents on clinical examinations, starting with Respiratory Examination

23.1.08 - Another addition to the Psychiatry section has been made: Clinical Risk Assessment Part 3 made by Dr Satvir Singh Consultant Psychiatrist.

13.1.08 - Another addition to the Psychiatry section has been made: Clinical Risk Assessment Part 2 made by Dr Satvir Singh Consultant Psychiatrist.

8.1.08 - Another addition to the Psychiatry section has been made: Clinical Risk Assessment Part 1 made by Dr Satvir Singh Consultant Psychiatrist.

6.1.08 - Kalpa De Silva MBBS MRCP has provided a powerpoint presentation on Diabetes and Cardiovascular disease. I am also forcing the site through another cosmetic makeover - please bear with me whilst i get the colours right!

1.1.08 - Happy New Year! Many thanks to all of you who have supported us so far! Three more additions to the Psychiatry section - Taking a Psychiatry history part 3, and parts 1 and 2 of the Mental State Examination - written by Dr Satvir Singh - Consultant Psychiatrist. Some pictures have been uploaded on the site concerning cannulation and ABG sampling - the documents have still to be written.

30.12.07 - Improved the 'On call guide to quinsy management' by inserting some pictures of a quinsy as well as aspiration / incision points.

29.12.07 - Two more additions to the Psychiatry section have been made: Taking a Psychiatric history parts 1 and 2, made by Dr Satvir Singh Consultant Psychiatrist.

28.12.07 - Three additions have been made by Dr Satvir Singh Consultant Psychiatrist & Lead Consultant for Undergraduate Medical Education (psychiatry) Kent & Medway NHS Trust. Already uploaded are 'Delivery of Psychiatry Services', 'Classification of Psychiatry' and 'Duties of a Doctor (GMC guidlines)'. These are introductory documents - more have been promised

22.12.07 - Bell's palsy added to the ENT oncall guide section. Confirmation of a psychiatric addition to the website also has been made. i will be writing an ECG oncall guide soon as well.

16.12.07 - ENT Instruments - added to ENT Operations section - also some cosmetic changes including putting email address in the contact section.

15.12.07 - Panendoscopy - by Mr M.Papesch consultant Head & Neck - added to ENT Operations section

11.12.07 - Performed some major cosmetic changes with a small change to the quinsy document

1.12.07 - The site is officially online today!

I have begun the site with mainly ENT related topics. So far there are guides for the new ENT SHO on the typical ENT related conditions that they will see on their first oncall. i have put up information on epistaxis, foreign bodies, otitis externa & media, sore throat, post tonsillectomy bleeds etc. i will continue to update these with photos and more information where needed.

There are also guides on how to examine someone's ear, nose, thyroid etc.

Clearly there will be spelling mistakes and bugs with the site - i will try and find them before you - but let me know if there is something i have overlooked.

I hope to continually update this website with contributions from doctors throughout the internet. Any new changes will be displayed here so that frequent visitors need not trawl through the entire site looking for the new content.